This man created a bowling alley with a DIY project

When the only bowling alley in the neighborhood was closed, that hall did not sit down and pouted in a corner, complaining of immaturity, and decided to take control of itself. He turned his back on a private bowling alley – and you really can’t believe how he did it.

Considering his methods more than once for a careful planning phase and for everything to go smoothly, he created a wonderful and very functional bowling area, with self-adjusting pins and a nice touch of wood, creating space perfect. It is one of the great projects that anyone can do, with a little time and patience. You can find out how it is finished below, and don’t be surprised if you start planning the same project.

If such a project is to be carried out, the first and probably most important thing to do is correct and correct planning.

As can be clearly seen, planning must be done in detail.

The next thing to do is load the planning into the CAD program and test the accuracy of the project.

Then construction can begin.

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