Things to do with the art of paper folding

Located in Japanese culture and interested in the whole world paper folding art Origami is a method that can be used to produce 2 and 3 dimensional objects with paper. The art of folding paper Thanks to this, the manufactured products are now considered as decorative materials in homes and offices and are preferred in decoration details. In addition to obtaining decorative products at a lower cost, pleasant leisure products containing manual labor will be produced. In leisure time, anyone can design different paper products by examining and developing samples in this way.

After performing the steps while watching, everyone will notice that they can easily apply the art of origami. With colorful and different paper sizes, everyone can design different shapes and products they can use and give them a functional direction to use in decoration. The art of folding paper Thanks to the products produced, evaluate them for children or integrate them into interior decoration. You can create many other paper designs with your imagination, from toys to boxes, from ceiling decorations to wall products.

1. A colorful example of tableware

An example of a product that can be used as an ornament on the table with an easy folding technique and to use with pleasure.

2. Easily design your own frames

You can get your own decorative frames after folding colored and sufficient paper depending on the visual.

3. Make sheets from paper

Simply fold and wrap the papers correctly to create colorful sheets. You can use it for decoration wherever you want.

4. Design of the wastebasket

With the right folding techniques, you can make useful and modern baskets out of paper. An ideal product for storing small objects.

5. Enough paper for colored diamonds

It is as simple as that to make diamonds which can be used as decoration. Easily complete the paper by cutting and folding it as shown in the figure.

6. An example of an educational concept

A graphic design is combined with papers and the interpretation of the letters is applied to the wall. It can be used as an educational product.

7. Bow design for gift boxes

You can make a bow in a practical way to decorate your gift boxes. Just cut the paper of different colors and stick them in the packaging.

8. An example of decorations for walls and ceilings

You can design products that can be hung on the wall or ceiling with this type of foldable example where you can make little stars.

9. Design colorful boxes

After cutting the colored papers of the same type as in the figure, assemble them and fold them. You will get modern boxes that can be opened and closed.

10. Colorful heart boxes

After cutting the colored paper as in the picture, follow the folding steps step by step. You can use small colored boxes in the shape of a heart to put your jewelry.

11. A modern ornament whether on the ceiling or in pine

After this folding example, where you can make 3D stars, you can hang it on the ceiling by tying it with a rope or by decorating pine trees at the beginning of the year.

12. Practical and decorative pine ornaments

It is also very easy to make decorative ornaments from pine which can be used in the New Year. Fold the papers of the same size and place them on top of each other.

13. The most trendy model of paper folding arts

Everyone is very curious to make paper ships and is one of the best known models. It’s as simple as making ships with the art of folding.

14. make butterflies with paper

Easily fold the papers for these butterfly designs that you can hang on the wall and create them in different colors to get a colorful ornament.

15. It’s time to learn how to make planes out of paper

Although everyone thinks it’s simple, it actually makes planes that can’t fly completely with faulty folds. Here is a paper airplane model that will really make you fly.

16. Design tiny paper dresses

Dresses can be made of square and colored paper to suit the dolls. You can also change the paper depending on the size of the baby.

17. A fun example for children

Follow simple folding techniques to make cute foxes from paper and don’t forget to paint for your face.

18. make cute giraffes with paper

You can design a giraffe using longer, yellow papers. To make speckles of different colors, glue the pieces and do not neglect the face.

19. A different example of a paper butterfly

There are many different folding techniques for butterflies. It’s quite practical and counts as one of the techniques that will make butterflies very modern.

A very elegant door ornament

After folding a square paper as on the picture, make the cutouts and assemble the pieces according to the picture. The resulting decorative product will suit your doors.

21. A very different conception of decorative products

After cutting and combining two colors of paper according to the visual you want, you will get very modern decorative balls that can be hung. Although it may seem complicated, it is actually quite simple to build.

The art of folding paper With it, many decorative products can be easily designed and useful elements can be created. Thanks to its light weight, it is also very easy to hang. Now it will be possible to complete the decoration details of the house with colored papers at a lower cost. You can modify the samples by adapting them to your liking and obtain more different products.

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