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People officially can’t get enough of the summer. As soon as I see the first hot summer day, all the jackets used in winter are also brought to the wardrobes. Unfortunately, there are also days when the heat gets really unbearable.

Instead of going out, people try to stay at home in this weather. But if there is no air conditioner or wind, the inside of the house is no different from the outside, maybe even worse. It is not very logical to invest in an air conditioner if the unbearable heat will only last a few days.

Of course, some people may choose to endure it, hoping it will come in warm weather in winter. Youtube channel desertsun02 has found an ingenious way to stay cool in summer with a simple DIY project. This user has a homemade air conditioner using very little equipment. An added bonus to this is that this trick works thanks to a small solar panel.

The image can be misleading, but when the materials are combined, it can cool any room in your home.

These materials are readily available at any hardware store. What you will need for this DIY project is as follows;

  1. PVC pipe
  2. a small fan
  3. ice cream
  4. personal cooler or crate

The use of a solar panel is completely optional. Alternatively, you can plug your fan into an outlet.

Draw two circles on the cooler according to the dimensions of the fan and the PVC pipe.

Creating your own version can save you hundreds of dollars that you pay when you buy, on top of that, you pay for the institution and the electricity bill.

Drill the holes and place the necessary pieces on top.

Fill the coolant with a large piece of ice or frozen bottles.

You can freeze a large piece of ice in your freezer the night before. Or you can use ice bottles instead.

It took about five hours for this large piece of ice to transform a room of 80 degrees Fahrenheit into 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior of the cooler can be foam or plastic.

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