Pleasant filography models for amateurs

Also known as nail art, phylography is a type of hobby that has become very popular recently. It is called the art of filling concrete or abstract patterns created by nailing nails on a wooden or chipboard surface, with materials such as string or wire. The art of philography, also called string art, is an example of a very enjoyable activity and also considered meditation for all ages. Anyone can produce their own works through these examples and these examples can be developed with imagination.

We imagine that the nail motif created with colored threads is actually painted. for example, It is possible to add color to this butterfly with very different colors in a butterfly pattern. There are many artists dealing with the art of philography both in our country and around the world. At the same time, these products can be used as decorative products on walls and furniture. There are also those who derive income from examples to be achieved with the art of phylography. It may also be wise to turn this art into a work. At the same time, you can present the phylographic work that you will do with manual work to your loved ones. Everyone should try this work which contains effort and pleasure.

1. An example of a pattern specific to seafarers

Completing the design of the ship with ropes will be very nice and different. It is one of the most popular phylographic models.

2. The art of philography from animal models

Many animal motifs are also used for philography. Completing the horse motif in this example with colored threads will create a very different job.

Anyone curious about the art of philography, which is one of the best ways to assess leisure time and try a different event, should definitely experience it. It can be said that this is one of the best examples where imagination and creativity can be used without limits, in addition to being an easy to learn and profitable study with its materials and technique. Those who want to add manual labor to obtain decorative products will also love philography.

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