Ideas to assess the old, let the old go to the trash, precious!

Old items, old clothes and many other obsolete items go to the trash or are dusted in the warehouse when they are not able to throw them away. Instead of that alumni assessment it would make much more sense to use logic and produce new products that we may need. With the simplest application materials, we can design new products for our home or our clothes. We can make ready-made and expensive products with lower cost and creativity. Evaluate alumni By examining these examples in terms of meaning, everyone can do whatever works for them and add their own comments to the samples.

There are no restrictions on new products that can be made with old ones. Everyone can produce as many different articles as they wish. It is also possible to accept it as a pleasant and useful pastime. Instead of making old objects and clothes cluttered unnecessarily or losing them, this will be a great contribution to recycling. Through understanding re-operation, you will also learn how to save money.

1. Get unused sweater socks

Adjust the sleeves of a sweater you no longer wear, according to the length you want on your ankles. If you then sew the head and underparts with a cord, you could have a whole new stocking.

Evaluate alumni With these examples presented under the name, you can design new products yourself and add new functions to your articles which are considered to be surplus. It must be said that it is a very beneficial method especially in furniture and clothing. Thanks to the idea of ​​combining different products and creating a new product, nothing will remain useless in your home.

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