Examples of pencil making with practical steps

Would you like to create pencil cases to use at home and at work with your own imagination and design your creativity by activating them? You can produce as many pencil cases of different sizes and quantities as you wish. If you want to do better instead of ready-made products and are considering evaluating the materials you have, these examples are for you. You can apply the samples in the same way, you can evaluate them by modifying and interpreting them. It will not be difficult to design your own pencil holder with very simple and practical steps. You can use home decor materials and products such as the box, which are never used for making pencils.

It is possible to spend your day more efficiently by devoting your free time to these examples. Remember to design colored pencil cases for your children to use on their desks. You can easily renew or redesign your own pen holders to create a more colorful and lively workplace in offices. With different materials, you also push the limits and get different kits. Those who are bored with classic ready-to-use pen holders will happily create their own pen holders. In schools, children are invited to design their own pencil cases in this type of craft class. They will benefit from making the products they can use.

1. Combine the cans

Those who want a multiple product can use canned cans by sticking them together. An ideal product for children with lots of pencils. Metal cans are very durable in terms of material and suitable for processing.

2. An example to make a set of pencils

After fixing the ring-shaped boxes of different sizes on a wooden floor, you can form a whole by covering them with the materials you want. It is possible to produce different alternatives from the roll of toilet paper to the tuna cans.

Instead of preparing, the pen holder, which must be present at each table, can be proposed in a more original way thanks to your creativity. You can evaluate many materials in the house thanks to the recycling logic and you can design your own pencil holder with pleasure. That way you can even get pen holder products and sell them. If you wish, you can design pencil cases that will be appreciated by your loved ones. Whoever uses the pen holders can be completed with details that suit their tastes.

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