Design your own decorative products with origami samples

Origami, known as a kind of paper folding art, is a type of hobby that can be developed with creativity and dexterity, which is a combination of the words “Ori” (folding) and “Gami” (paper ). With Origami, many different and creative decorative products can be made even at home. Whether for leisure or for actual use, anyone can easily review these examples examples of origami develop and design different products from examples.

With colored papers, scissors and the like, very different and useful paper products can be made at very low cost. Origami samples and manufacturing It is an activity that can be enjoyed by amateurs of all ages and is very enjoyable. These products can be used as decoration details wherever they wish. It will not be difficult to add dimension to the papers, to use colors and to combine parts. Examples of origami You can further develop and rethink your own products based on these examples. You can enlarge or reduce the patterns by changing the paper size.

1. The art of making flowers from paper

After folding the colored papers into a square and a triangle according to the steps seen in the photos, you can assemble the pieces and create a flower pattern using a paper clip in the folded part.

2. It’s time to make Christmas trees

For small Christmas trees, start folding the small square papers this way. The folds should continue to overlap.

3. 3D wall decorations

This 3D wall decoration, which can be made by cutting the paper from the fold marks and sticking to each other, will be very useful.

Visit our gallery for other origami samples and productions!

With samples and origami making, everyone can design products that they can use in decorating their home and office at a much lower cost. Many other examples of origami can be found easily with colored papers. With creativity, everyone can even create their own origami art. These designs, which can be used in particular as ceiling and wall decorations, can also be evaluated as children’s toys.

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