Decorate glass jars and use them as you wish!

Glass jars that accumulate continuously in almost all homes are usually kept in cupboards or thrown away. In fact, it is quite easy to reuse these jars with the recycling logic. Glass jar ornament their work will delight and bring new products that can be used in the decoration and the function of the house. These examples will be useful for storing food, spices such as spices and sugar in the kitchen, products that can be created by assembling and much more. With the simplest decoration materials, anyone can get started in decorating glass jars and bringing new functions to pots at home.

It will also be one of the most useful ways to spend free time. If you wish, you can even prepare the jars in this way and sell the products. People who have accumulated a large number of pots in their home, after resuming operation with such decorative ornaments, may also consider offering them to their loved ones. There are products that can be considered useful for almost everyone. It will be possible to collect crayons in children’s rooms, store food in kitchens, use them as pots to plant plants in living rooms and gardens, and design as lighting products. There are also models that are suitable for each use in the examples.

1. Cover with colored balloons

The balloon material that can be used as a coating will firmly grip the jar. So you can use your new glass boxes as you wish.

2. Evaluate the colorful aquarium stones

Glue these decorative stones used in aquariums into the pot and place light or a candle there. You will get colored lights.

It is possible to produce countless decorative products with pots that go in the trash most of the time. You can start by supplying paint and coating materials, and you can also design different products by developing samples. In addition, it will be a simple and enjoyable job that even children can do. You can use it at home or in the office, or in the garden. It is possible to create products in different ways, from flower pots to pencils, storage boxes to lighting products.

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