23 DIY carpets on which you cannot (almost) break even

Rugs generally look great on wooden floors, but you can use them on almost any floor. You can add character to any area with the carpet. It can be the room that complements your room, it can also become the focal point of your room.

One of the reasons that carpets are so large is that they have many different designs, so you can find a carpet that will perfectly match both your own style and the decor of your home. Unfortunately, carpets can be a bit expensive, especially large ones. But luckily for you, we have prepared a list of creative rugs that you can have with great DIY projects.

Take a look at the projects below for great rugs that you can use in your living room, bathroom and even in your garden.

# 1-You can sew individual pieces to create this beautiful pixelated Super Mario rug, then assemble them in the right order, so that you can have a beautiful shape.

Using this method, you can have any character you want!

# 2-You can have a perfect rug with the tassels you have prepared. You can use the decoration that you will possibly have for your carpet, wall decoration and a beautiful look on your coffee table.

# 3-You can have this beautiful heart shaped rug using a special method that allows you to get a superb texture at every point.

# 4-You can create a bear-shaped rug for your child’s bedroom using a fabric with the correct texture, and fill the inside of the head with wool.

# 5 – Create a carpet by rolling it using the simple sewing technique and add lighting inside to make it shine.

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