22 models you can make with rolls of toilet paper

Most likely, when the toilet paper is exhausted, the cardboard roll will end up in the trash as soon as possible.

But there are also some pretty creative ways to use toilet paper rolls to organize small problems and create artistic solutions that everyone in your house complains about. The great thing about using these cardboard rolls is that it will keep your creativity alive as it is a material that will always be on hand. But of course, at some point, you may need to explain to your guests why there is a roll of toilet paper in every corner of your house.

# 1 – A box for delicate little gifts.

Take the rolls, paint them with an acrylic paint of the color of your choice. Fold the edges of the two ends inward. Add a ribbon to create a sweet box.

# 2-Seed initiators

You don’t have to wait for the weather to warm up to plant in your garden. Take a glass tray, cut the rolls and fill the inside with soil and seeds. Don’t forget to note which seed you put in each roll. Place it in a place near the glass where they can get lots of sun.

# 3-Small pinyats

Create tiny tweezers using paper, glue and a pair of scissors. Don’t forget the most important ingredients: the confectionery.

# 4-Fire starter

By filling the mohair with linen inside the rollers, you can get fire starters that will make it easier for you to start a fire.

# 5-Wall art

Here you have to accumulate your rolls for a while. Cut the rolls in sizes from 2 to 0.25 inches and lay them on the floor to get the design you want. Secure all parts with a hot silicone gun. After preparing this piece, take the piece and paint it with spray paint on the outside. You can paint several pieces of different colors to create contrasts. Hang it on your wall and enjoy it.

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