20 ideas of bird feeders, # 6 will absorb all the birds in your garden

Are you one of those who like to watch the wildlife in your garden? If you are someone who likes to watch birds when you look through your window, it may be time to think about how you can attract birds. After all, if the birds know there is a place where they can eat and wash, they will certainly come to your garden and offer you the chance to observe them.

The only problem here is that the bird baths and the feeders are really expensive, and therefore not everyone’s budget is suitable for luxuries like bird watching. We have put together 20 of these projects for you – # 19 is really smart.

# 1-You can use an old candlestick and a flowerpot to create a bird bath.

# 2-You can transform an old chandelier into a beautiful and perfect bird bowl.

# 3 – Or you can reassess your old vase and plate to create a whole new bird bath.

# 4 – Using an old glass bottle and copper wire, you can have a pretty cute bird feeder.

# 5 – Here you can create a wonderful bird bath by placing old flower pots in a row and a large sauce bowl.

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