14 DIY PVC Pipe Projects You Will Need In Your Life

If you have any doubts about the practicality and the beauty of PVC pipes, do not be any more. I was once in me and I didn’t know how to use them at home. But see, I did a lot with them, editing, design and DIY projects. These PVC pipes are very useful and can be purchased easily and you can shape and use them in your room.

Let yourself be inspired by these DIY projects; Which do you think is best for your home? Make sure you like, share and comment and show off your PVC pipe designs

1- Mosaic vase for your garden

You can get a beautiful vase by adding quick-drying cement and garden stones or sea glasses to the pipes. Put your pots on these pipes and add a nice touch to your garden with the DIY project.

2- Laptop support

Laptops are light and portable, but if you don’t have the proper stand, they can hurt your neck. You can make a coffee table using small pvc pipes. This DIY project will not only reduce your neck pain, but will also keep your computer from overheating.

3- A perfect accessory for each bathroom

You can get rid of injuries with this DIY project by protecting the countertop. You can fix a Y-shaped PVC pipe with your hair dryer and place your hot tools on the other open side, like a straightening iron. You can also make the outside color of this pipe as you wish and reveal your personal tastes.

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